Political Communication

MediaNext specializes in customized creation of communication for a very wide range of clients. This includes political parties who more than any other body need a customized communication. The main challenge while devising such communication is of the multifarious nature of such communication. The communication needs to be created after taking into account a number of factors. These factors need a very tedious and critical analysis coupled, and needs to be cross-checked with insights developed over a long period of time.

MediaNext possesses these expertise and experience to provide a future-proof, politically balanced and correct political communication. And, as a professional service organization, MediaNext delivers the results without comprising confidentiality of the content or client, and without getting aligned with a particular political party.

The services which we provide include:

    1. Conducting issue based surveys
    2. Conducting constituency/geographical area based surveys
    3. Policy and issue based training
    4. Media strategy
    5. Content and design services for -
    6. Other strategic advisory services

MediaNext utilizes following techniques and tools for providing these services:

  • Field research for qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • Target group contact
  • Focused group discussions
  • Opposition research
  • Analysis of overall political situation and forecasting the direction it may take
  • Analysis of news archives
  • Analysis of social trends