MediaNext, a new age media company, offers high-quality customised content and communication services to various sectors. MediaNext is at home with the complex dynamics of communicating right things to your customers.

We typically offer following services:

Content Generation and Management

Depending upon the nature and scale of your work, your communication needs vary. Depending upon whether you are addressing your internal customers or external stake holders, the thrust of your content varies. Depending upon how savvy your audiences are with advancing technology, the scope of your multi-media operations varies. And depending upon your own resource base, your strategic positions vary.

Share your dreams, objectives, constraints and aspirations with us. We shall share our ideas with you. Together, we shall arrive at a shared understanding of what kind of content would satisfy your needs, and on which media platforms. Then leave the generation and management of that content to us…

Concept and Product Development

Every mainstream media company  is now facing  competition from expected and unexpected quarters. Trying to survive with the same old product, no matter how successful it has been so far, is proving to be an uphill task. Thus, having a bouquet of relevant products is the need of the hour.

A well conceived product needs lot of well-researched inputs before seeing the light of the day. It is not always possible for a media house to develop an altogether new product through internal resources alone.

Let us do the research for you. We are well versed with the product development cycle. We shall work with your internal team to develop the concept and the design of the new product and also generate content that would befit your credibility and mark of quality.

Editorial Consulting

Readers everywhere are changing fast. Media houses need to change with them. The change has to come from within. You and your editorial team probably realise this and are looking for quality inputs. MediaNext can help you in editorial change management. We have people on board who are expert in refining editorial processes to bring them in sync with contemporary trends.

If you are working on multiple media platforms, we can help you integrate the operations for better results and greater customer satisfaction.

Online, Mobile and Social Media Consulting

We seek to make the most of our entrepreneurial, media and web technology skills to enhance your brand and maximize your ROI. If you intend to offer innovative and meaningful products and solutions to your clients, we shall be happy to be your content partners.

We understand how to utilise effectively all facets of the Internet for reaching across a message to the targeted audience. Engaging content and compelling social media campaigns can be the natural offshoots of this exercise. If you are looking at exploring these exciting horizons, we shall walk the distance with you. Besides, we can also help you devise online strategies, develop focused websites and reach target customers using mobile phones.

Just visit Client Categories section to identify which category you belong to. Please contact us if you need more information.