Set up by a team of versatile media professionals, MediaNext is a high-pedigree organisation that combines rich experience with youthful dynamism, flair for language with nitty-gritty of technology, and conventional wisdom with zeal for exploration.

Anand Agashe, Chairman
Before setting up MediaNext with like-minded professionals, he was Director Editor of Sakal Media Group. A bilingual (English and Marathi) journalist with 30 years of experience, he has risen through the ranks to work in various capacities with several leading newspapers including The Times of India, Indian Express, The Independent, Loksatta, Agrowon, Sakal Times, Gomantak, Gomantak Times, Maharashtra Herald, Kesari and Vishal Sahyadri. For about two years, he also headed a special features cell of Market Missionaries, a prominent advertising and marketing agency from Maharashtra, in the 1990s.

At Sakal Media Group, he was a member of the top management and was involved in numerous multi-media initiatives of the company. Having travelled extensively in India and abroad to participate in multi-media training workshops and on study tours, he is conversant with current international media trends. He thus combines the instincts of a journalist with the skills of a manager.

As a member of World Editors Forum, he has participated in World Association of Newspapers (WAN) conferences in Moscow and Cape Town. He has also been a member of Asia Media Forum and Editors Guild of India. He is a visiting lecturer at a number of leading media schools.

Abhay Kulkarni, Managing Director
Equipped with a Masters in Communication and Journalism, he commands 20 years of experience in mainstream media. From reporting to editing and heading the features section, he has hands-on experience of every single sub-function in the editorial department of a media organisation. Content design, product development, editorial management and developing editorial processes are some of his key strengths.

He has undergone training in: A) 21st Century journalism, organised by Asian Mass Communication Centre; B) Investigative journalism, organised by Illinois University; C) Media convergence, at Newsplex, Columbia.

He is a recipient of Harry Britten Fellowship awarded by Commonwealth Press Union and the B V Rao Award for Business Journalism. As coordinator at the department of journalism in Pune University, he has experience in formulating content and organising courses for journalists.


Amit Tekale, Director
An engineering graduate with a post-graduation in communication and journalism, he has seven years of media experience to his credit. He has amassed a range of skills in traditional as well as new media. As a part of core teams working with several international firms specialising in print and web designing, business development strategising and work process refinements, he has acquired insights in editorial excellence practices, modern editorial management techniques and print and online product development.

He has undergone training in media convergence at Newsplex, Columbia, has visited several media houses across continents to study new media trends and is an active personal technology writer.

Kiran Velhankar, Director (Design)
He is a skilled designer specialised in designing newspapers, books and magazines. He is also equipped with special skills for web and graphic designing. A versatile designer having over 16 years of experience with Sakal Media Group, he has worked with renowned international newspaper designer Dr. Mario Garcia, web designer Mario Garcia Jr., Former art director of National Geographic Guenter Zwerina, and German newspaper designer Jan kny on various design projects on and off-site. He has attended workshops by renowned designers Peter Ong and Karl Gould.

His skill set includes designing and redesigning newspapers and magazines, designing books, websites, branding and marketing collaterals, developing infographics and so on.